Indie Insider

Indie Insider is the podcast by artists, for artists. Hosted by Charlotte Carpenter, a musician and a record label owner of Babywoman Records the podcast delves deep into the independent music industry
Duration: 45 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 1: DIY Distribution 101 with CD Baby UK
Charlotte talks to Rich & Hen from CD Baby UK about distribution. What is distribution and why is it important you choose the right one for your songs? Each one will offer different things, deals and perks so do your research. This introductory episode tackles some basic questions about getting your music onto DSP’s (digital streaming services) as well as playlisting, the power of a pre-save link and so much more. Dig in!
Series Synopsis:
The Indie Insider was born off the back of years of isolation, and navigating my way throughout the music industry which can and is a pretty lonely place. I wanted to share my experiences and learning’s as well as open up a space for artists to have conversations with each other, sharing stories and similarities as well as being a place for new and emerging musicians to find answers to questions or gather some insight into some more complicated areas of the industry like distribution or publishing. Hopefully there is an episode in here for everyone and you’ll come away, feeling more empowered and certain of you and your own journey in music. I basically made this podcast, because there wasn’t anything like this when I started out. So, I’m giving away everything I know and feel, and maybe another young woman or artist starting out will be more prepared and confident of themselves and their decisions. No matter how long we’ve been doing this and whatever path it is you’re taking, there is so much to think and learn, and this podcast exists so you don’t have to do it alone.