Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week

Artists give us the story of their life so far as well as giving us the inside story on their latest release!
Duration: 30 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 9: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: Jekyll
This week we had a chat with Joel from Blackpool's indie alt rockers Jekyll to discuss the bands new single 'Tear Ourselves In Two', the art of film soundtracks and what we can expect from their more expansive forthcoming debut album.
Series 1
Episode 8: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: Oli Swan
This week we speak to the very talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Oli Swan. We discuss Oli's debut EP which was titled 'All My Friends Are Lonely' before Covid-19 lockdowns even existed and get the full story behind his unlikely friendship with global star Robbie Williams which was born out of lonely lockdown days.
Series 1
Episode 7: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: Scrounge
This week we dive into the life of South London post-punk duo Scrounge. We'll be taking a listen to their new single 'Leaking Drains', discussing the booming South London music scene of which they've been a huge part of creating and they'll be introducing us to one of their favourite new bands at the end of the show, but who will it be?!
Series 1
Episode 6: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: Modern Hinterland
This week Chris is joined by Modern Hinterland frontman Chris Hornsby to discuss the bands latest album 'Diving Bell'. Going in the opposite direction to most musicians Chris Hornsby started out as a solo artist then built a band around him, transforming his songwriting into full band productions, we get the low down on that process and discover his favourite song of all time, not an obvious choice but a great one!
Series 1
Episode 5: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: Stokie Local
This week we're joined by former HABITATS frontman Mike Lawford, who discusses his new solo project Stokie Local and what it was like being in a band that almost broke through to the mainstream. At the end of the show we'll find out Mike's favourite song of all time and it's a proper hit!
Series 1
Episode 4: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: National Service
This week we shine a light on another exciting new artist; London based four-piece National Service! Mixing quiet melodic tones with heavier rousing moments they have been compared to the likes of their name-sake The National as well as Wild Beasts, Frightened Rabbit and even Radiohead. Tune in to find out more about their new single 'Caving' and discover who their favourite new artist of the moment is at the end of the show!
Series 1
Episode 3: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: August Child
This week we chat to London based singer songwriter August Child. We get the stories behind the tracks, find out if Jeff Buckley is an influence and discover which new bands Mike is listening to right now.
Series 1
Episode 2: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: China Bears
This weeks featured artist is indie four-piece China bears, we chat to guitarists Ivan and Frazer about their big sounding heartfelt music, the stories behind the tracks and some of their favourite new artists.
Series 1
Episode 1: Radio Fandango Artist Of The Week: Desperate Journalist
In our first instalment of Radio Fandango's Artist Of The Week we spoke to Jo, the lead singer of London based indie fourpiece Desperate Journalist about the bands previous album 'In Search Of The Miraculous', Pulp, Primavera Sound and their favourite song of all's a big one! Each week Radio Fandango will interview an artist to discuss the story behind their music, what the future holds, their biggest influences and play some of their tunes as well as posing the hardest question of all time at the end of each show.