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Pete and Rich bring you exclusive interviews with the musicians who soundtracked the 00s indie scene.
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Series 1
Episode 31: Tokyo Police Club (Bonus Episode: My 00s No1 Album)
The 'My 00s No1 Album' series of bonus podcasts continues with Graham Wright from Tokyo Police Club naming his favourite album of the era.

Remember, you can catch up with our full chat with Graham about the Tokyo Police Club story in our library.

Series 1
Episode 30: Tokyo Police Club
On this week's show we're joined by Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright to talk about the Canadian band's journey from Ontario to touring the world - and how they ended up on Desperate Housewives!

Graham also lifts the lid on what it's like being wined and dined by record companies trying to sign your band, tells some great stories from life on the road, and reveals how they almost left stellar tune Your English is Good off their breakout album Elephant Shell.

Series 1
Episode 29: The Rifles (Bonus Episode: My 00s No1 Album)
The 'My 00s No1 Album' series of bonus podcasts continues with Rob, Grant and Deano from The Rifles naming their favourite albums of the era.

Remember, you can catch up with our full chat with the guys about The Rifles in our library.

Series 1
Episode 28: The Rifles
This week on The Boys in the Band Podcast we have a Friday night in with Rob Pyne, Grant Marsh and Dean Mumford from The Rifles!

There's some great stories about their songwriting and tours - and plenty of merlot and craft beer going around!

From reminding Paul Weller how to play Eton Rifles to appearing on Soccer AM, we cover all sorts with the guys - including news on their new album.

Series 1
Episode 27: Larrikin Love (Bonus Episode: My 00s No1 Album)
The 'My 00s No1 Album' series of bonus podcasts continues with drummer Coz Kerrigan from Larrikin Love naming his favourite album of the era.

It's a blinder - and he has some great stories about the artist too!

Remember, you can catch up with our full chat with Coz about Larrikin Love in our library.

Series 1
Episode 26: Larrikin Love
Larrikin Love burned briefly but brightly and their brilliance is reflected in the fact they have been the most-requested interview by The Boys in the Band Podcast listeners since we launched. We're delighted to chat with drummer Coz Kerrigan about their story.

From the early days deciding to start a band at a The Others gig and the 'Coz Kerrigan Clause 24' in their record label deal due to him being just 17, through to their acclaimed album and the reasons for their split, we hear it all.

Coz also chats about the great friendships the band struck up with fellow indie stars the Mystery Jets and Jamie T, picks out his favourite tracks, and relives some standout shows.

Series 1
Episode 25: The Fratellis (Bonus Episode: My 00s No1 Album)
We're kicking off a new series of bonus podcasts, where we'll be asking musicians who soundtracked the 00s indie scene for their favourite album of the era.

Baz from the Fratellis gets us underway...

Remember, you can catch up with our full chat with Baz about the Fratellis journey in our library.

Series 1
Episode 24: The Fratellis
Duh-duh do, duh-duh do, duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh do...! The Fratellis wrote one of the most iconic songs of the 00s indie scene - Chelsea Dagger. On this week's The Boys in the Band Podcast bass player Baz tells us all about it: how it was written, the incredible response, and why it's still in demand now.

We also chat about the band's debut album, why they went on hiatus after their second album, and what pulled them back together.

Baz tells us about playing with the Twang during that break - and has the latest on the Fratellis' sixth album which has been postponed by the pandemic.

Series 1
Episode 23: The Dead 60s
Matt McManamon was frontman for ska rockers The Dead 60s who had a breakout hit with Riot Radio - a track which gained them success in USA as well as here in the UK.

Matt talks us through touring the States, putting together their hit-packed debut - each single went into the top 30 - and the strange circumstances behind their recorded second album never being released... apart from in France!

Matt has since gone on to play with The Specials and has a great story about his 'audition' for the band, plus he tells The Boys in the Band Podcast the latest on his new solo album which is coming soon...

Series 1
Episode 22: Hot Hot Heat
Canada's finest Hot Hot Heat became huge hits on both sides of the Atlantic after their debut album Make Up The Breakdown landed in 2002.

Singer Steve Bays tells The Boys in the Band Podcast the story of their rise and what came next - from touring with the world's biggest bands to fusing punk, pop and dance beats... and why their breakthrough single came to be about Bandages!

We examine all five albums, why they took their recording budget and built their own studio - and what Steve thought of being called a peacock by Carl Barat!

Series 1
Episode 21: The Long Blondes
The Long Blondes were Britain's best unsigned band - until Rough Trade picked up the indie disco favourites, with Giddy Stratospheres among their standout tunes.

But, as Kate Jackson and Dorian Cox tell The Boys in the Band Podcast, the Long Blondes had formed before any of them could play their instruments! We chat about how the hard work paid off in the practice room, how they put together their two respected albums, which cultivated a dedicated fanbase, and what it's like to be in the top 10 of the NME Cool List!

The band were forced to split in 2008 when Dorian suffered a stroke and the pair also reflect on the impact of that scary time - and how, gladly, they've both moved on to make more music and art since then.

Series 1
Episode 20: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
On this week's show, Alec Ounsworth tells us the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah story - from the inspiration behind that standout name and how they rose to prominence without a record label thanks to their online following, to their experimental sound.

We ask him what it was like to have A-list stars including David Bowie and the Talking Heads' David Byrne at their shows as they gained a respected reputation - plus, the obstacles met along the journey.

There's also news about new CYHSY releases!

Series 1
Episode 19: Blood Red Shoes
Laura-Mary Carter is one half of Blood Red Shoes along with Steven Ansell and this week on The Boys in the Band Podcast she tells the story of the Brighton duo's five-album journey - and what's in store on record number six.

Plus we chat about the challenges of a two person band, why they decided to set up their own label and how it's supporting emerging bands, and the importance of the #brokenrecord campaign to ensure artists are rightly rewarded for their music.

Series 1
Episode 18: The Pipettes
Rose Elinor Dougall was one of the founding members of The Pipettes and she tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about the 50s/60s-inspired concept the group came up with before they'd even written a song... And why their sound and style was a reaction to the male-dominated 00s guitar scene.

After touring the first album around the world Rose then went solo. From performing at huge shows with Mark Ronson to crafting a different sound of her own, she explains the highs and lows of going alone. Plus she shares details of her fourth album she is working on right now...

Series 1
Episode 17: Special Needs
Special Needs singer Zachery Stephenson joins The Boys in the Band Podcast this week to discuss his former band's critically-acclaimed rise which had Alan McGee signing them and influential radio DJs repeatedly making their songs records of the week.

But the band had split up before their debut album was eventually released, and Zac lifts the lid on the highs, the lows, the split... and an eventual comeback. Plus, he discusses the controversial band name - and why they briefly switched to The Needs.

DON'T MISS: Zac is now working on a solo album and at the end of this episode we preview THREE of the tracks. So make sure you stay tuned and then let us know what you think of them...

Series 1
Episode 16: Athlete
Joel Pott was frontman of indie band Athlete and he tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about south London's influence on the band, how they shaped their unique sound, and why their approach changed when hit single Wires and accompanying album Tourist propelled the band into the limelight.

Joel is now a songwriter for others, co-writing hits for a diverse range of acts from Tom Grennan to Shura. He works a lot with George Ezra and we discuss the process of collaborative songwriting, his experiences with George, and the challenges of writing for different styles of music.

Series 1
Episode 15: Milburn
Singer and bass player in Milburn, Joe Carnall had an early taste of success with his band as they emerged from a thriving Sheffield indie scene while the members were still teenagers.

Joe tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about the positives and negatives of making a mark so young, explains the band's comeback for a third album - and reflects on the constant comparisons with friends and contemporaries Arctic Monkeys and the impact their rise had on Milburn.

We also chat about his role with Reverend and The Makers, and his solo project Good Cop Bad Cop.

Series 1
Episode 14: Vincent Vincent and the Villains
We bring you a midweek special, which ties in nicely with Saturday's The Rumbles Strips episode. Mark Ogus was lead singer and guitarist in Vincent Vincent and the Villains, which also featured Charlie Waller before he opted to focus on the Rumbles.

Mark tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about the frustration of Charlie's departure - and why he regrets writing Johnny Two Bands about his friend's exit from Vincent Vincent and the Villains. He also reflects on the band's critically-acclaimed rise, their album Gospel Bombs, and how an appearance on Top of the Pops wasn't all he dreamt it would be.

Series 1
Episode 13: The Rumble Strips
Charlie Waller was the lead singer of The Rumble Strips - a 00s indie band with a distinct sound thanks to their use of brass instruments. He talks us through their debut album Girls and Weather and follow-up Welcome to the Walk Alone, which they shaped with Mark Ronson.

Charlie also reflects on his messy departure from Vincent Vincent and the Villains, some wild nights in Cuba, and why the Rumbles' reunion for The Lightship Recordings didn't materialise into a full-on comeback.

Series 1
Episode 12: Slow Club
Rebecca Lucy Taylor was one half of Sheffield indie folk band Slow Club with Charles Watson and the pair built a dedicated following over the course of their five albums.

The band's sound evolved over that time and so did the directions Rebecca and Charles wanted to go in - as the moving documentary Our Most Brilliant Friends details.

Rebecca reflects on the rise and end of the band but also discusses her ambitions for her new solo pop project Self Esteem.

Series 1
Episode 11: The Ordinary Boys
Preston and his band The Ordinary Boys made waves when they emerged on the scene in 2004 with a string of hits and a highly acclaimed debut album. Then they were thrust into the mainstream with Preston's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

There was chart success and intense media scrutiny, which culminated in an infamous episode of Nevermind the Buzzcocks, before the band split in 2008.

Preston reflects on the highs and lows of that period - but also his journey since then which has seen him become a songwriter for pop stars such as Olly Murs, Liam Payne and even Enrique Inglesias and Kylie Minogue.

Series 1
Episode 10: Har Mar Superstar
Har Mar Superstar - aka Sean Tillman - may have been making cheeky, kinky, beats-based music in outlandish outfits but he was immersed in the 00s indie scene, too, thanks to his friendships, collaborations and parties with some of the biggest bands of the era.

From recording with members of the Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to gigging with British bands in the UK, Har Mar tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about his experiences. He also discusses his different musical projects, his acting roles - and how he has been raising money for COVID-19 victims with colouring books.

There's news about a new Har Mar album too...

Series 1
Episode 9: Art Brut
With distinctive lyrics and a punk rock sound, Art Brut became cult heroes during the 2000s indie scene. Their songs about former girlfriends, little brothers and modern art made Bang Bang Rock & Roll one of the standout albums from the era.

Here, lead singer Eddie Argos tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about the band's journey - but also how he impressed the Gallagher brothers with his Half Man Half Biscuit knowledge and why he became the focus of a Berlin University lecture!

Plus, Eddie chats comic books, painting - and plans for a new album...

Series 1
Episode 8: The Von Bondies
US band The Von Bondies scored a huge hit with C'mon C'mon in 2004 and became indie fan favourites in the UK on the back of its success. But that iconic tune of the era has a fascinating back story.

Lead singer Jason Stollsteimer talks The Boys in the Band podcast through C'mon C'mon's unlikely creation - and why it almost didn't feature on album Pawn Shoppe Heart.

He also tells us the story of the band, from their Detroit beginnings and Jack White-produced debut through all three albums to their recent comeback.

Plus, guitar player Christy Hunt and bass player Leann Banks reflect on joining the band during its ascendancy, their impressions of the UK rock scene - and their experiences as girls in a band.

Series 1
Episode 7: Beans on Toast
Beans On Toast - aka Jay McAllister - was at the heart of the London indie scene in the 2000s.

A prolific alt-folk songwriter, his social commentaries - often in collaboration with some of the era's biggest stars - were turned around in double-quick time. But when he wasn't on stage himself he was running some of the biggest indie club nights in the capital, such as Frog.

Here, he tells The Boys in the Band Podcast how he helped turn the iconic Nambucca pub from a quiet, empty boozer into the epicentre of the London indie scene, with help from his friends Frank Turner, The Holloways, Florence and The Machine and many more.

He also reflects on his ELEVEN studio albums, teases number twelve, and explains how his quick songwriting and straight-talking style has enabled him to release singles during lockdown about the coronavirus pandemic.

Series 1
Episode 6: The Automatic
What's that coming over the hill? It's The Automatic! The Welsh band made a stunning breakthrough with hit single Monster in 2006 and debut album Not Accepted Anywhere was a big seller.

Lead singer and bass player Robin Hawkins and drummer Iwan Griffiths tell The Boys in the Band Podcast how Monster was written - and how its success changed the direction of the band.

They also reflect on how their search for more pop hits led to Alex Pennie leaving the band, reveal a frustrating tale of how another single was denied a top 10 spot, and discuss the prospects of them returning to the stage once again.

Series 1
Episode 5: The Subways
The Subways were playing Glastonbury before they were even signed and launched into a rapid rise with hits including 'Rock & Roll Queen' and 'Oh Yeah' propelling them to huge heights. After a few years away following their fourth album, they've been back on tour and are now recording a new album during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Billy Lunn talks The Boys in the Band Podcast through the band's thrilling story - from filming with Hollywood stars in LA and working with A-list producers to overcoming a relationship spilt and a potentially career-ending vocal problem.

Billy serves up a series of fantastic stories from the world of rock, deconstructs the prejudices in the industry towards bandmate Charlotte Cooper, and explains why he ended up taking time out to study English Lit at Cambridge University.

Plus, there are details about The Subways new album, which Billy can't wait to share with the band's fans...

Series 1
Episode 4: Frank Turner
Frank Turner made the unlikely switch from hardcore band Million Dead to folk-punk singer-songwriter in the mid 2000s and has since racked up eight studio albums and over 2,000 gigs - famed for their connection between him and his fans.

Here, he tells The Boys in the Band Podcast about his decision to transform his musical style, the great nights and collaborations at iconic North London venue Nambucca with indie stars of the era, and why he is campaigning during the coronavirus lockdown to #saveourvenues

Plus, there are details about Frank's new album...

Series 1
Episode 3: The Holloways
North London's finest, The Holloways were fan favourites and industry darlings at the peak of the indie scene in 2006. With radio-friendly hits like Generator and Two Left Feet, alongside some brazen social commentary of the world around them at the time, their debut album So This Is Great Britain was - and still is - essential listening.

Singer and guitarist Alfie and bass player Bryn tell The Boys in the Band Podcast about some incredible nights at Nambucca and the unpredictability of touring with Pete Doherty. They also open up on the series of ill-fated incidents that led to the band splitting and the subsequent tragic passing of band-mate Rob Skipper.

Plus, there's the latest on their hotly-anticipated comeback later in 2020...

Series 1
Episode 2: The Futureheads
The Futureheads burst onto the indie music scene in 2004 with their distinctive vocal harmonies and art-punk influences. They’ve released six studio albums featuring a whole host of hit singles, including Decent Days and Nights, Meantime, Skip to the End, The Beginning of the Twist and perhaps the greatest cover of all time, Hounds of Love.

Guitarist and vocalist Ross Millard tells The Boys in the Band Podcast how that Kate Bush cover came about and also discusses how the Sunderland four-piece boomed in the 2000s, took their experimental approach to new levels in 2012 and why, after a long hiatus, they made their comeback in 2019.

Plus there’s a really interesting discussion about mental health in the music business, from the challenges bands face when they’re on the road to the support they receive.

Series 1
Episode 1: Little Man Tate
Little Man Tate broke out of the exciting Sheffield scene in 2005 alongside the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and The Makers and immediately developed a dedicated fan base with their infectious guitars and sing-a-long hooks on the likes of Sexy In Latin and Man I Hate Your Band. Singer Jon and guitarist Maz tell The Boys in the Band Podcast about that rise, their relationship with their local rivals, how they used MySpace and forums to connect with their fans - and their newly-announced comeback gig.
Series Synopsis:
The best gigs, the secrets to songwriting the biggest hits, and what came next… Hear the inside stories from your favourite bands. If you loved that scene - The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Mystery Jets, The Cribs, The Maccabees, The Holloways etc - then this is the podcast for you!