Endangered: The Story Of Simon Williams (Fierce Pa

In this 3 part special to celebrate 25 years of fierce panda records we speak to founder Simon Williams about his love of going to gigs, releasing records and bears!
Duration: 45 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 3: State Of The Nation
In episode 3 we discuss how the music industry has changed over the last ten years, favourite moments over the past 25 years and what might happen in the future.
Series 1
Episode 2: The Glory Days
In episode 2 we continue our conversation with Simon Williams, founder of fierce records as he celebrates 25 years of going to gigs, discovering bands and putting out records. In this episode we talk about how fierce panda became a full time hobby, getting into bed with the majors, his stint at XFM and how he stumbled across this band playing the Camden Falcon who called themselves Coldplay....
Series 1
Episode 1: Not Seeing ELO
In this first episode we discuss the early days and why not being allowed to see ELO at age of 13 might have started the whole thing...
Series Synopsis:
Fierce panda records have been at the forefront of independent music in the UK for 25 years.

Formed in The Blue Posts pub in the salubrious wilds of Tottenham Court Road by three NME journalists the aim of fierce panda records was pure and simple - to release one single & call it a day. That day was February 24 th 1994, and that record was the. 'Shagging In The Streets' EP. Yet somehow,400+ singles, 124 albums and a stack of precious label t-shirts later fierce panda is turning 25 years old in 2019. Ever since the eve of Britpop's birth they have continued to burrow away in the underground like wild, forgotten Wombles, chewing away at the coalface of unsigned musical civilisation.

Along the way there have been pivotal panda releases by bands with names like Placebo, Kenickie, Idlewild, Keane, The Maccabees, Coldplay, Ash, The Bluetones, Embrace, Oas*s. Then there have been the albums from Death Cab For Cutie , The Walkmen Art Brut and many many more The Blue Posts pub is now a Boots chemist and two of those three NME hacks have long since moved on but Simon Williams original founder has been there all along and during this podcast series to celebrate 25 years of fierce panda records I spoke to him about his love of going to gigs and releasing records and bears...