Songs From A Padded Envelope

Discovering lost demo tapes and the stories of the people behind them. Presented by Steve Swindon and Ben Clay.
Duration: 60 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 44: Katie Spencer (Hull, UK
Welcome to episode #44 with our guest, Katie Spencer.

We came across Katie's music through a Hull Music Archive site and in doing so have discovered some truly special songwriting.

As you'll hear, Katie's brand of folk music is rooted in tradition but also faces forward, and is built through a genuine passion for the craft and music making.

The demo Katie shares in this episode is a first for us, as you'll hear and we're hugely grateful to Katie for coming on the show and sharing it with us.

We're sure you'll want to check out more of Katie's music, which you can do using the link below.

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 43: Patrick Flegel / Cindy Lee (Durham, NC, USA)
Welcome to episode #43 of Songs From a Padded Envelope and a fantastic conversation with our guest, Patrick Flegel.

Pat spoke to us from his basement studio, Realistik to discuss his music making past, present and future.

This is a funny, warm and inspiring episode and the demo at the end speaks to the ideas and influences Pat describes in the most enjoyable of ways.

Pat's work as Cindy Lee and Women comes highly recommended - links below.

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx

Patrick Flegel on Bandcamp

Pat Flegel on Discogs

Series 1
Episode 42: Andre Tschan (Lucerne, Switzerland and Wexford, Ireland)
Andre Tschan joins us for episode #42 and a really fascinating and inspiring conversation which takes us from the Swiss punk scene of the late 1970's right up to the present day, through Andre's many musical projects and explorations.

So much to take from this chat with Andre, not least of which is the lasting impact from a life of genuinely open creativity and community.

Our thanks to Andre for coming on the show and if you would like to check out the books Andre mentions, there are links below.

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx

Sedel Studios, Lucerne Books

Swiss Punk Radio Show

Series 1
Episode 41: Pete Cole / Farnborough Groove (Farnborough, UK)
Champion of grass-roots music, Pete Cole, joins us for episode #41 of the show.

Inspired by our conversation with Sid Stovold on ep#35, we reached out to Pete to talk about his 30+ years of supporting bands and musicians through his Farnborough Groove compilation series.

Now that's what we call commitment!

Check out the series through the links below and our sincere thanks to Pete for coming on the show!

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx

Farnborough Groove on Facebook

Farnborough Groove on Bandcamp

Series 1
Episode 40: Fríði Djurhuus / Joe and the Shitboys (Faroe Islands)
Episode #40 takes us to the Faroe Islands and a massively enjoyable conversation with the irrepressible Fríði Djurhuus aka Joe Shit, singer of the wonderful Joe and the Shitboys.

This is another unique episode for which the less said the better. Check out the music via the links below and get excited about the prospects of the Shitboys being in a house near you very soon.

Thanks so much to Joe for speaking with us and coming on the show.


Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 39: Will Burns / Treecreeper (London, UK)
Writer Will Burns joins us for Episode #39 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

As he prepared for the release of his first novel, The Paper Lantern, Will joined us for a rich and rewarding conversation which traced his creative journey through a passion for music into his life as a poet and so much more.

This is an episode to sit back and enjoy with a glass of red and your feet up. Not surprisingly, Will's storytelling serves to make this a hugely enjoyable listen.

Follow the links below to discover more of Will's fantastic work.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben

Will's website

Will on Twitter

Call the Legion in Tonight - Centro-Matic

Series 1
Episode 37: Melanie S Jane, (Blaydon-on-Tyne, UK)
We're joined by singer-songwriter, Melanie S Jane for episode #38 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

Melanie contacted us about coming on the show, which is indicative of the self-driven, individualistic and unique approach she has to making and sharing her music.

There are plenty of links here to explore and, having heard what Melanie has to say about her music, we're sure we'll want to do just that.

Our thanks to Melanie for coming on the show and adding a unique and upbeat episode to our podcast.

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx



Twitter: @melanie_jane_s

Instagram: melaniesjane

YouTube channel:

Series 1
Episode 36: Kiana Alarid & Nick White / Tilly and the Wall (Omaha, USA)
We are joined for episode #36 by Kiana and Nick from Tilly and the Wall.

Tilly and the Wall recently released a compilation covering the band's career, which also included their earliest recordings, described as 'not-demos'. We therefore couldn't resist reaching out in the hope of having them come on the show.

We are so glad that we did as our conversation was a joyful hour in the company of two musicians who clearly embraced all that came their way, and had experiences which they continue to hold with much love and gratitude.

Nick and Kiana were fantastic company and we are really grateful to them both for spending some time with us.

The edit was compromised by some internet problems, which we hope we've managed to navigate without too much obvious digital gaffa tape and string.

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx

Tilly and the Wall on Letterman

All Kinds of Guns - Album version

Series 1
Episode 35: Sid Stovold / Who Moved the Ground? (Farnborough, UK)
Back to the UK for Episode #35 and a really enjoyable chat with guitarist, Sid Stovold from Who Moved the Ground?

This is a quintessential SFaPE epsiode in many ways, not lease because the song is from the first demo from Sid's first band.

Loads to enjoy in Sid's story and that of Who Moved the Ground, much of which captures what is was to be an indie band in the early 90s in the UK.

Thanks to Sid for being our guest and spending some time with us.

Please help us spread the word about the show and post a review, if you've a spare couple of minutes.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Who Moved the Ground? on Bandcamp

Who Moved the Ground? on YouTube

Farnborough Groove

Bones Flexi Discs )

Series 1
Episode 34: Jason NeSmith / Casper Fandango & His Tiny Sick Tears (Athens, GA - USA)
Episode #34 sees the return of the splendid, Jason NeSmith.

Jason joined us for a conversation about his musical adventures and, as you'll hear, he has a style, tone and perspective to which you could listen all day.

It was a real pleasure to have a chance to speak with Jason again and please do explore his music via the links below.

Thanks to Jason for sharing some more time with us and please do help us spread the word about the show, if you get a moment - cheers!

Love and thanks
Steve and Ben xx

Casper Fandango and His Tiny Sick Tears

Casper and the Cookies

Jason on Twitter

Series 1
Episode 33: Mike Peters / Coloursound & The Alarm (Dyserth, UK‪)‬
Rock legend, Mike Peters MBE joins us for episode #33 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

This episode centres around Coloursound, the band Mike formed with The Cult's iconic guitarist, Billy Duffy and closes with both the demo and mastered versions of, 'Under the Sun'.

Along with the fascinating story of the formation and journey of Coloursound, there's also some great Alarm conversation, all told with Mike's trademark optimism, honesty and passion.

Thanks to Mike for making time to speak with us and if you're into the podcast, please do subscribe, tell your friends and post a review on your platform of choice!

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben

Love, Hope Strength - Mike and Jules Peters' charity

Series 1
Episode 32: Tom Stubbs / My Two Toms (Bristol, UK‪)
Welcome to episode #32 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

Our guest for this episode is Tom Stubbs, one half of the excellent, My Two Toms.

This is an episode packed with stories and imagery from adventures in music making, friendship and camaraderie, told with warmth, humour and humanity.

Lots ot recommend here and by following the links in the shownotes.

Sincere thanks to Tom for coming on the podcast and to everyone who has supported the show to date.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

My Two Toms on Bandcamp

My Two Toms on Facebook

Tour Film YouTube

Series 1
Episode 31: Cathal Coughlan (London, UK‪)
Welcome to episode #31 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

Our guest for this episode is Cathal Coughlan, who joined us for a wonderful conversation which ranges through his craft, his musical experiences and much more, leading right up to the new music which Cathal has begun to release this year.

As you'll hear in the introduction, having Cathal on as a guest holds a special significance and our sincere thanks to Cathal for making time to speak with us and sharing three incarnations of his fantastic song, 'Officer Material', with which we close out the show.

You can explore some of the wonderful music from across Cathal's career, through this playlist which he has personally curated.

There is also a link to pre-order his upcoming album:

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 30: Bruce Russell / The Dead C (Dunedin, New Zealand‪)
Our guest for episode 30 is the inspirational and inimitable, Bruce Russell.

Bruce's music is unique, engaging, challenging and born out of a passion and drive which, as you'll hear from this conversation, remains undiminished.

There is so much we could say to trail this conversation - better to let Bruce take it from here, though.

Thanks to Bruce for coming on the show and to the good folks at Ba Da Bing Records for their support in setting it up.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 29: Kathy Potter / Scarlet (Norwich, UK‪)‬
We are joined by Kathy Potter for episode #29 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

Kathy spoke to us from her home in Vancouver, to share some fantastic stories from throughout her creative life, including her time as bassist in the indie rock band, Scarlet.

There are so many great stories in this episode, many of which evoke a time in music making and being in a band which has disappeared from view, with the rise of the internet, amongst other things.

Kathy speaks with a lot of joy and passion for her creative life and we thank her for making time to come on the show.

There are links to some of Kathy's work below and please do head over to Apple hq and support the show with a review and some stars. We'd really appreciate it.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Scarlet Video

Scarlet Albumbr> Apple Music

Video for Profumo Project: Dirty Water

Video for Profumo Project: Too Far live at the Waterfront

Slot - Cuts Like A Knife

Slot - Cuts Like A Knifebr> YouTube

Series 1
Episode 28: Stuart Braithwaite / Mogwai (Glasgow, UK‪)‬
Welcome to episode 28 of Songs From a Padded Envelope. We are joined by Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite for this episode which is something both Ben and I were so excited about, both being long-time fans of the band.

Stuart spoke to us from his home in Glasgow and, despite some wifi difficulties at both ends, we had a fantastic conversation which culminates with Stuart sharing the home demo for the band's single, Ritchie Sacramento.

There is a link to the brilliant video for Ritchie Sacramento below, which is great to hear after listening to the demo and hearing Stuart speak about the evolution of the song.

Sincere thanks to Stuart for making time to speak with us and for sharing the demo.

If you're enjoying the podcast, please do take a moment to drop a 5-star review up on Apple podcasts or help us spread the word about the show. We'd really appreciate it.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben x

Ritchie Sacramento video:


Series 1
Episode 27: Steve Swindon and Ben Clay / Red Five (London, UK‪)‬
Merry Christmas! It's a festive episode of sorts with a visit from Santa Dave coming to 'present' the show! Like the best of gifts, all will be revealed.

We'd also like to say a huge thank you to all the people who have come onto the show during our first year. We love doing the podcast and having an opportunity to meet and speak with so many talented and creative people. Thank you!

Our sincere thanks too, to everyone who has streamed or downloaded the show. We're really grateful and excited to be finding an increasing audience around the world and hope that you'll continue to support and enjoy the show in the year ahead.

Here's to a peaceful and creative 2021!

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xxx

Series 1
Episode 26: Paul Comaskey / The Nervous Kind (Birmingham, UK‪)‬
Paul Comaskey joins us for our final episode of 2020, with a fantastic tale which takes us from the streets of Birmingham to the USA, just as the 1970s ended and the 80s began.

Paul's story rattles along at breakneck speed, much like his journey into music making. It's a brilliant story, told with humour and pathos and we thank Paul very much for sharing it with us.

You can find more of Paul's music online, with some links below.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 25: Dagur Gíslason / Abacination (Reykjavik, Iceland‪)
Welcome to episode #25 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

We travel to Reykjavik for this conversation with vocalist and guitarist, Dagur Gíslason.

Dagur is a driving force within the Icelandic Black Metal scene, and is someone who has a focus and drive to create and support music that is hugely impressive.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Dagur and after listening to this episode, it is definitely worth checking out his current band, Misþyrming. There is a link to their Bandcamp page below.

Our sincere thanks to Dagur for coming on the podcast and discussing so much of his story with us.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 24: Sarah Lippitt / Reactionaries (New York, USA‪)‬
Sarah Lippitt joins us for episode #24 with a story which is uniquely fascinating and is not like any conversation with had before.

From England to NYC to California, Sarah's musical journey reveals itself with some huge contrasts, challenges and a lust for life which slowly emerges throughout the episode before blasting off with the track at the end.

Sincere thanks to Sarah for coming on the show and sharing her memories with us.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 23: Simon Ashberry (Bradford, UK‪)
A slight change of direction for episode #23 as we are joined by writer and broadcaster, Simon Ashberry.

Simon has worked in and supported music for many years, as this conversation reveals. He is a passionate advocate of new bands and artists, as well as being a musician in his own right.

You can check out his radio show via the link below, as well as finding a link to the Bradford Music site we discuss in the show.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 22: Matt Longley / Pelican Sparks (Birmingham, UK‪)‬
Matt Longley joins us for Ep#22 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

Matt's story is one which will doubtless resonate with many people when they think back to their formative band experiences. And, like many bands, the Pelican Sparks story serves as the foundation for a number of lifelong friendships and an important, enduring connection to music.

Matt also discusses his work with 6ft From the Spotlight, an initiative which we wholeheartedly recommend you take a look at. No doubt, after hearing Matt speak, you'll want to do just that - there is a link below, of course.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking out and supporting the show. Tell your friends and stay tuned - you won't regret it!

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

You can find Matt on Spotify under Matt Longley, Pelican Sparks or PS 1989!

6ft from the spotlight can be found here:

Series 1
Episode 21: Dale Hibbert / Freudian Slip (Manchester, UK‪)‬
Our guest for episode #21 is Dale Hibbert. He is mostly known as being the original bass player in The Smiths and, having recorded and played on their first two demos and their first show, that in itself would have been reason enough to reach out to him.

However, Dale has written a fantastic memoir, Boy Interrupted, and after reading it, it was clear that his time in The Smiths, whilst important, was just a small part of his life and that music has been significant for him in so many ways, from a young age to present day.

Our thanks to Dale for coming on the show and speaking with us about his life and his relationship with music. Do check out his book, it is a fascinating read.

Our thanks too to the good people at Pomona Books for their support in setting up this conversation with Dale.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Series 1
Episode 20: Joe Wong (Los Angeles, USA‪)
We are joined for our 20th episode by the multi-talented, Joe Wong.

Joe is a multi-instrumentalist, composer of soundtracks for film & tv, a highly versatile and accomplished drummer and host of the excellent podcast, The Trap Set.

This conversation ranges through all this and more, with Joe's thoughtful ideas and insights shared throughout.

The show culminates with a cross fade between Joe's very first rough idea for the song Nite Creatures, which segues into the full album version - it is a fascinating listen.

Nite Creatures can be found on Joe's debut solo album of the same name, which we've linked to below, along with a link to his wonderful podcast.

Our thanks to Joe for giving us his time and also to his publicist, Nick, for assisting with the set up for the interview.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben

Series 1
Episode 19: Vanessa Briscoe-Hay & Jason NeSmith / Pylon (Athens, GA - USA‪)‬
Back over to the US for episode #19 and a wonderful conversation with Pylon singer, Vanessa Briscoe-Hay. Also joined by producer and musician, Jason NeSmith, we take a look at Pylon's musical journey and influence as the band prepares to release a career-spanning anthology set, 'Box'.

This is an inspiring conversation and stands as a wonderful example of how the most amazing music can emerge from open and honest collaboration and expression.

Vanessa's story and that of Pylon and the roles which Jason now plays within it are wonderful to explore and then the song kicks in at the end.... amazing!

Sincere thanks to Vanessa and Jason for coming onto the podcast. Please do check out Pylon's music and, if you're enjoying the show, don't forget to like and subscribe and spray paint 5 stars onto the walls of Apple Podcasts on our behalf.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben x

Series 1
Episode 18: Simon Barber & Brian O' Connor / Sodajerker (Liverpool, UK‪)‬
The Sodajerker on Songwriting podcast is a consistently brilliant listen, featuring fascinating and engaging interviews with some of the world's most successful songwriters. Co-hosts Brian and Simon join us to sit on the other side of the interview table to share stories from their music making together, which started when they met at school aged 13.

Ben and I were thrilled to have a chance to speak to Simon and Brian, and find out more about the journey they've been on with their music and their hugely successful podcast - if you're listening to this, you should definitely check out Sodajerker on Songwriting.

Thanks to Simon and Brian for coming on the show and for sharing a demo from their archive.

If you're enjoying Songs From a Padded Envelope, please do slide on over to Apple Podcasts and plant a nice 5 star review and some kind words in their podcast orchard - we'd be very grateful indeed!

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben x

Series 1
Episode 17: Joe Thompson / Stanton (London, UK‪)‬
Joe Thompson joins us for episode #17 for a fascinating conversation which centres around the underground/DIY music scene.

Joe has played with his current band, Hey Colossus, since the early 2000s, during which time he has striven to support not only his own music but that of so many others. His commitment to this culture is rooted in community and creativity and the stories he has shared with us are inspirational.

As you'll hear, we reference Joe's fantastic book, which is part of the Sleevenotes series published by Pomona. It comes highly recommended!

Our thanks to Joe for coming on the show and to the team at Pomona for their support in setting it up.

Check out the links below to get a copy of Joe's book and to hear and buy some incredible music.

Love and thanks, as ever

Steve and Ben x

Series 1
Episode 16: Ed Percival / Airbridge (Norwich, UK)
Ed Percival joins us for our 16th episode to share stories from the heart of the new wave of British Progressive Rock as well as two very different incursions into the world of the tribute band.

Once again we have the privilege of sharing a conversation with a creative person whose passion for music making has taken them on a twisting and turning journey which spans decades, with many unexpected stop-offs along the way.

Our thanks to Ed who has shared the following links to some of his work and activities which are well worth exploring.

If you're enjoying the show, please do help yourself to five stars from the bucket and throw them our way with some words of appreciation - we'd be everso grateful!

Series 1
Episode 15: Kevin Lyons (London, UK)
Kevin Lyons is an accomplished and experienced musician as well as being an expert in horror, science fiction and fantasy film and TV.

During Kevin's most recent appearance on the highly recommended Evolution of Horror Podcast, he let slip that he used to play in bands, and here we are!

The conversation with Kevin reveals a highly creative person who has drawn influence and inspiration from a huge variety of interests.

There is much to recommend here and we're really grateful to Kev for spending time with us and sharing his story.

Series 1
Episode 14: Dave Guttridge / Falling Men (Norwich, UK)
Where to begin with this episode? So much to recommend about listening to this conversation with Dave, a funny, charming, fascinating man who is living a richly creative life. Suffice to say, we feel lucky to have had a chance to speak with Dave and share that conversation here. Enjoy! Check out Dave's fantastic photography here:

Series 1
Episode 13: Suzi Gage / The Subterraneans (Great Missenden, UK)
Suzi Gage is our guest for episode #13 and what a fantastic conversation this is. Suzi is a hugely successful podcaster in her own right and we've included a link to her Say Why to Drugs podcast below, along with a link to her accompanying book. The show is fantastic and an important resource in the conversation around drugs, their use, effects and impact.Suzi has been in quite a few bands but our conversation takes us back to her earliest recording and musical memories before hurtling through a catalogue of experiences and achievements as a singer and keyboard player.This is a joyous conversation. Suzi is effusive and upbeat and gives accounts which are as good an advert for picking up an instrument and playing with your mates, as you are ever likely to hear.This episode comes out just after what would have been the weekend of the Reading Festival, so it would be remiss not to link to the 4-part series which Ben and I made with the very wonderful Nainesh Shah, which looks at the 1989 Reading Festival and stories from the careers of the acts which graced the main stage that year. It is all free to watch on youtube, right here: YouTube

Series 1
Episode 12: Jason Smith / Taranis (Bury St Edmunds, UK)
Taranis were a thrash metal band, playing around Norfolk and Suffolk in the late 80s/early 90s. Singer and guitarist, Jason, joins us for a conversation about the metal scene there at that time and shares some gently poignant recollections and thoughts about why playing in a band has been so important to him throughout his life.

We came across Jason and Taranis via Music from the Eastzone, which is a very impressive resource and we have some more guests through this archive coming soon. We also gathered some additional information via the excellent Encyclopaedia Metallum.

Please do share the podcast with your friends and acquaintances, pop up a 5-star review and help us grow the show. We love having these conversations with people and making the show and have some wonderful guests booked for upcoming episodes.

Series 1
Episode 11: Demzie (Pwllheli, UK)
Rapper, Demzie, joins us for episode #11 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

There is a lot to enjoy in this conversation, not least hearing from someone who is driving their musical career from a small coastal town in North Wales where peers are few and opportunities fewer.

Demzie's determination is matched by her talent and musical output and we are delighted to have her as a guest on the show.

We've put links below to Demzie's work which is well worth checking out and supporting.

Speaking of support, if you're enjoying the show, five stars and some words of praise on Apple podcasts would not go amiss, if you've a minute to do that for us?

Series 1
Episode 10: James Acaster / Three Line Whip (Kettering, UK)
Our 10th episode features a hugely enjoyable conversation with comedian and podcaster James Acaster.

James' love of music is well documented, not least through his book 'Perfect Sound Whatever' and the associated BBC podcast. He has spoken often about his time playing in bands through his stand-up work, but this conversation is a deep-dive into those experiences, with James' sharing some wonderful memories and perspectives on living a creative life.

We've attached some links to James' projects below and we very much recommend checking out the Luna Dott Raids the Bee Pigeon project on Bandcamp.

This show is dedicated to the wonderful and inspirational Tim Smith, singer, guitarist and leader of the peerless Cardiacs.


Series 1
Episode 9: Connor Hehir / Mourning (Leeds, UK)
For our latest episode, we speak with Connor Hehir from Leeds-based hardcore band, Mourning. We came across the band via an ebay search for demo tapes and lucked into this fascinating conversation with singer and guitarist, Connor.

Connor's openess to discuss the difficult and very personal experiences around the formation of the band is matched by the articulate and inspiring manner in which he talks about the hardcore scene, both in the UK and around the world, and the opportunities he has found within it.

Our sincere thanks to Connor for coming on the podcast and sharing his experiences with us. You can listen to and buy Mourning's music via their Bandcamp page:

Series 1
Episode 8: James Atkin / EMF (Forest of Dean, UK)
Our guest for episode #8 is musician and EMF frontman James Atkin.

We contacted James to come on the show as the band prepares a 30th Anniversary box set, in which they have included the original demos for their globally successful first album, Schubert Dip. James has shared the very first home demo of 'Unbelievable' with us, which is a joy to hear, especially once you've listened to the frank, funny and fascinating stories James shares on this episode.

Series 1
Episode 7: Andy MacLeod / Pointy Birds / Big Slice (London, UK)
Andy MacLeod has been involved in promoting, supporting, releasing and championing grass roots music in London since the 90s.

Our conversation with him was perfectly timed, as Andy prepares to release a memoir of his time playing music around North London. The book is set just as Britpop begins to emerge, with his band, The Pointy Birds, being managed by a young and enthusiastic chap named Ricky Gervais.

The stories, insight and experience Andy shared with us are a fantastic listen and you can read the first three chapters of his book right here . Plus you can check out his many other excellent projects, including his comedy podcast, Golden Ears and the wonderful Pointy Records here .

Our thanks to Andy for coming on the podcast and sharing his stories with such enthusiasm and humour.

Series 1
Episode 6: Catching up with.... Dave Hulegaard
Our first interviewee, Dave Hulegaard has stayed in touch and has somehow managed, despite lockdown, to complete the new music he mentioned when he spoke to us back in March.

So, we decided to record a catch-up episode with Dave, share his new music and have a conversation which, as you can imagine, covers a lot of ground, including how the current state of things in the U.S. is feeding in to his music and much more!

There are links below to more of Dave's music along with links to some of the organisations mentioned in our conversation about supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and here in the UK.

Series 1
Episode 5: Yvette Pyke / 7 Hour Darkness Invasion (York, UK)
SFaPE EP#5 features a really great conversation with Yvette Pyke from 7 Hour Darkness Invasion. There is a lot to recommend about this episode but, we think that it delivers best if left to unfurl in it's own sweet time. It is worth taking time out to listen to Yvette and the track at the end of the show.

Yvette has shared links to both the 7 Hour Darkness Invasion stuff and that of 7HDI's guitarist, Annie's band, Whether Balloons and

As mentioned at the start of the show, here is a link to Flotation Toy Warning ( ), the band in which Ben and I both play.

Series 1
Episode 4: Paul Preston Mills / Lung Nugget (Lowestoft, UK)
Welcome to Ep#4 and we're joined by the multi-talented Actor, DJ, Puppeteer, Magician, Street-Performer, MC, Seamstress and wholly irrepressible Paul Preston Mills.

Paul joined us following the unearthing of the rehearsal room recordings of short lived, Lowestoftian noise-makers, Lung Nugget, a band in which Paul shared vocal duties with The Darkness frontman, Justin Hawkins. The band also featured Darkness guitarist, Dan, on drums with the line-up completed by an enigmatic and thoroughly decent chap, Med.

Paul is a one-off in the best of ways and this conversation captures much of what we love about him, not least the sharing of what a commitment to living a creative life can hold. You won't regret spending an hour in Paul's company - ever.

Series 1
Episode 3: Mick Garris / Horsefeathers (California, USA)
Welcome to our third episode which features a wonderful conversation with Hollywood writer, director and producer, Mick Garris.

This conversation focuses not on his incredible filmmaking career but rather on music he made back in the 70s with his one and only musical project, Horsefeathers.

Having just released an album of their demo recordings made over 50 years ago, it felt like a perfect opportunity to explore that era within the context of a band trying to break through into a rapidly changing LA music scene.

Our huge thanks to Mick for being so warm and generous with his time and the sharing of his memories.

Series 1
Episode 2: Kyle Lee / Jive's Room (Rhyl, UK)
Singer and guitarist, Kyle Lee, joins us to look back at his first band, Jive's Room, who initially came together in primary school! Our conversation with Kyle covers a lot of ground as he shares a genuine love for the camaraderie and friendship inherent in making music with other people. There is some great discussion about the music scene in North Wales, with notable mentions for Neil Crud and Adam Walton, amongst others.

Kyle has shared links to his work with the wonderful Gintis and his latest project, the very excellent, COW.

Series 1
Episode 1: Dave Hulegaard / Apathy's Last Kiss (Washington, USA)
Dave Hulegaard / Apathy's Last Kiss