First there was Club Fandango, the gig. Then came Label Fandango, the record company. Now, with searing inevitably, comes Radio Fandango, the radio station.

The Radio Fandango logo will feature a cocktail bar in the shape of a boat. Because while we may not be - quite literally - sailing forth into the North Sea from Harwich harbour to bob along with the likes of Caroline and Luxemboug, Radio Fandango will be endeavouring to embody that playful, slightly seasicky, spirit of the pirate stations from 50 frothy years ago.

To that end we will be playing amazing tunes whilst musing over a music industry going slowly mad. We are therefore promising to Support The Support Bands as they are confronted by collapsing record sales, casual venue closures, cold-hearted major labels and - crucially - a radio world lost in a whirl of pop obsession. If it's grim up north, it's grime everywhere else.

There has scarcely been a worse time to be in a new band. There are has therefore rarely been a better time to start a radio station.

Radio Fandango will play from a cherishable treasure trove of underground indie music from the last 25 years. The station's foundations are built upon the 400-odd singles fierce panda records has released since 1994 (ie Coldplay, Placebo, The Maccabees, Idlewild, The Walkmen, The Raveonettes, Art Brut) and the gazillion-odd live shows from Club Fandango promotions (eg Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Death Cab For Cutie, The Kills, The Killers and quite possibly The Killers).

At its core meanwhile Radio Fandango will be uncovering tomorrow's leftfield heroes today, picking out the perkiest, punkiest, new acts and giving them the most pure of fresh airtime. In other words, Supporting The Support Bands.

Better still, Radio Fandango is aiming to agitate, educate and possibly even be a bit organised. The fully-authorised Pandango podcast will be celebrating venues old and new over the odd spilt pint here and there. There will be informative industry interviews and advice for the young of heart via The School Of Fandango. Then there will be shouty jingles and barber shop choppings and maybe even an audio drama called 'Golden Ears'.

There will definitely be live acoustic sets from the Leroy House Of Fun. And, so God help all of us, there will be the Real Fandango Sessions, whereby some bunch of cheery up-and-coming lovelies are zipped up into Snorkel Studios in Forest Hill to record four tracks in one single, possibly slightly sinful, afternoon.

Technical testings are taking place in a top secret bunker in Canonbury even as we type, with a view to a proper launch occurring on March 1st 2019, right slap bang between fierce panda's 25th anniversary and Club Fandango's 18th birthday.

Plus! Lest we forget Radio Fandango is the best name for a radio station... ever.


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