The Album is Dead

Not on Radio Fandango it’s not. Every day at 2:30 we play an album in its entirety from start to finish. No breaks, no ads. So put the kettle on and join us for a playback.
Duration: 60 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 11: The Album Is Dead: Fontaines DC 'Dogrel'
This week Fontaines DC are up for a Brit award! Back in June 2017 we put them on at The Finsbury in North London and a further two times at The Shacklewell Arms and The Victoria in East London. To celebrate their 'Best New Band' Brit nomination we take a look at their sensational breakthrough debut album 'Dogrel', played each day in full at 2.30pm! Tune In for one of the finest debut albums of the decade.
Series 1
Episode 9: The Album Is Dead: Desperate Journalist 'Desperate Journalist'
This weeks Album Is Dead comes from Desperate Journalist's self-titled debut! Originally released in 2014, the album has been released on vinyl for the first time this year! To celebrate we're playing the whole album in full each day at 2.30pm.
Series 1
Episode 8: The Album Is Dead: VLMV 'Stranded, Not Lost'
Some people say the album is dead, we believe it's alive and well and this week to prove it we bring you ambient post-rock duo VLMV's (formally known as ALMA) sophomore album 'Stranded, Not Lost', played in full at 2.30pmeach day!
Series 1
Episode 7: The Album Is Dead: 485C '485C'
This week, each day at 2.30pm we're playing the self-titled debut album by '485C' in full.
Released in 2018 the young band burst onto the London toilet circuit with singles such as 'She'll Lie', 'Kapow!', 'Better The Man' and 'Strange Medicine', the band didn't last long but they did release one of the best debut albums in recent times which more people should have heard, it's a proper album, proving the album isn't dead, it is alive and well.
Series 1
Episode 6: The Album Is Dead: Skint & Demoralised 'We Are Humans'
Some people say the album is dead, we believe it's alive and well, this week we're featuring the politically charged fourth album by Skint & Demoralised ‘We Are Humans’ which presents a raw, political and poetic tour de force against the backdrop of Brexit Britain.

A drastic departure from Skint & Demoralised’s original late ‘00s ditties detailing teenage love affairs, ‘We Are Humans’ instead reflects the subsequent decade of desperate austerity, as well as the European refugee crisis just 22 miles from Britain’s shores. Frontman and spoken word artist Matt Abbott volunteered twice at the Calais Jungle in 2016 – either side of the EU referendum in which his native city voted 66% Leave.

Alongside Matt songwriter and producer David Gledhill, known more recently for his SOULS project, channels a raucous poet-punk energy, with sonic influences ranging from ‘Sandinista’ to The Strokes. Snappy, sassy singles ‘Boro Kitchen 4am’ and ‘#RefugeesWelcome’ have received regular airplay on BBC Radio 6Music, but in the midst of the energetic observations about immigrants and inequality there is also intense, elegant pathos, epitomised by stunning album closer ‘Superheroes’.

Since Skint & Demoralised’s first Myspaceage outing, Abbott has established himself as a nationally acclaimed poet and likewise Gledhill as a producer – already the combination is curious. Add the searingly eloquent political commentary to the mix and it becomes an urgent and vital snapshot of these tumultuous times that engulf us, all wrapped up in fist-pumping, unapologetic and utterly essential alternative anthems.

Series 1
Episode 5: The Album Is Dead: The Clientele 'Music For The Age Of Miracles'
Instantly identifiable, The Clientele sound like no one else, although they are cited as an influence by bands as diverse as Spoon and the Fleet Foxes. It’s been said that the greatest bands always create their own individual sound; The Clientele have gone one further and created their own world. Each day at 2.30pm we play their most recent album 'Music For The Age Of Miracles', uninterrupted and in full
Series 1
Episode 4: Tall Tree 6FT Man - Boundaries
10 years in the making we play the latest album by Tall Tree 6ft Man boundaries in full and uninterrupted each day at 2.30pm
Series 1
Episode 3: The Album Is Dead: Modern Hinterland 'Diving Bell'
This week we're playing 'Diving Bell' the new album by indie-folk band Modern Hinterland in its entirety each day at 2.30pm!

MOJO | Album Review (3/5) Attached | 'Songwriter Chris Hornsby channels rueful, plaid-shirted euphoria and his band have the swing to pull it off.'

Uncut | Album Review (7/10) Attached | 'With it's spirited singalong choruses 'If I Knew You Well' marks the deepest foray into Mumford & Sons terrain on the third album by Modern Hinterland...Hornsby oscillated between knees-up fare and Wilco-inspired Americana on Diving Bell'

DAILY Express | Album Review (3/5) Attached | "a delicate Americana mixed with an indie-pop that will hope to kiss the charts in the way that the likes of Snow Patrol and Mumford & Sons have"

Series 1
Episode 2: The Album Is Dead: Stokie Local 'Aspidistra Sound FX'
This week we're playing the debut album from former Habitats front-man Mike Lawford aka Stokie Local, in its entirety and uninterrupted. A sprawling experimental double album of indie garage pop songs and instrumental interludes, 'Aspidistra Sound FX' was recorded at home during lockdown in his spare bedroom, it's quite literally a DIY bedroom pop album with plenty of hooks.
Series 1
Episode 1: The Album Is Dead: Softer Still 'Nuances'
Each week we'll shine the light on an album, played in its entirety. Some say 'the album is dead', we believe it's alive and still the heart beat of creative talent! This week we bring you 'Nuances' the debut album by indie dream-poppers Softer Still.
Series Synopsis:
Call us old fuddy-duddies if you want but we feel In this ugly modern age of short attention spans and instant gratification, the slower format of album, like the novel, should be celebrated, admired, appreciated. The album is dead. Long live the album.